Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Physically Challenged, MACODEF, 2007

When we arrived at the school we were greeted with open arms. The wonderful caretakers of these children went about getting the children ready for their photographs. The school was very organized, with many adults in place for the children's care.

We found a soft spot under a tree and began making portraits. Some of the children came on their own, and some of the children needed the help of the adults. Some were held, and some had the use of a wheelchair, such as this young man. The entire time, the adults did their best to create a peaceful mood for the sake of the children.

This young boy had a profound presence about him, and affected me deeply. He looked through the camera and past me, a gift which few truly have. We have to imagine ourselves looking at a stranger with a camera, and understand how difficult that would be for us. What a remarkable, young boy!


  1. The staff at MACODEF is an inspiration to us. My kind regards to the staff. We have much to learn from them and my love and best wishes to the children at MACODEF. Thank you Halim.

  2. The respect is mutual, believe me. My close relationship with the good people at MACODEF means that they have seen your work and appreciate the work of the good people of Nirvanavan Foundation as well. One day we will all meet hopefully. Thank you Nirvana.