Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Women, Humana People to People India, 2008

These two women are on the cutting edge of their society.

They are working with Humana People to People India, allowing their daughters to attend classes rather than working, at least for a few hours per day. Their girls still do their daily chores, still work outside the hours of their classes. However, they realize the value of an education and have made a decision to begin with the next generation.

They are proud to have their portraits made alongside their daughters, in full view of their village. These portraits represent their third time with my project. Year after year they show up, each time they allow me to continue with my work. They serve tea, sit for hours and watch the photography unfold, watch their daughters giggle and laugh.

They are beginning with the next generation, working with Humana People to People India. For more information and to learn how one can support the foundation's work, the following websites are listed:

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