Monday, July 20, 2009

Young Woman, Midwest, United States, 2009

Then there are those that give of themselves without asking for anything in return. While it is difficult for so many to give, some find it easy to give even though they have very little.

We meet one night at a happening, find it easy to trust each other and arrange to meet in the future for a portrait. Without much delay, we make her portrait over a span of a few hours, changing into many outfits and into many different skins.

We meet once again a few months later to do very much the same, even though she has now gained much visibility and her time is limited, even though this is her trade and she normally gets paid for her time.

For my work, she gives of herself without asking for anything in return, she allows her portrait to be used in order to raise funding for the children of Nirvanavan Foundation, comes to the benefit even though she lives out of state now, stays in touch even though she is on the other side of the country. She teaches us that we need not have money to do something, we need only to have the desire and all else will follow.

Here are her words:

'I am angered that girls are forced into trade for sex by their own family. Their aspirations are cut short purely because of their gender. I am grateful to live in a country where I have significantly more freedom. I still face criticism when I show my body but I can become educated and pursue all of my dreams. I am proud to have my portrait shown with these girls because I can relate to their plight. It is important that this manner of thinking be changed so that the whole world can benefit from the wisdom and beauty of women.'

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