Monday, July 6, 2009

Memory, Nirvana

In my day to day chats with Nirvana, he takes the time now and then to share a story, at times from his past and at times from the present. This is one such moment. 

In Nirvana's own words: 'I remember my friend's father who used to return home everyday without a shirt or shoes or wrist watch. He had given it to someone who was in need. Everyone in their home was fed up with him. He is now retired and stays with his son in Gurgaon. I met him two years ago after many many years. He lost his arm in an accident but he had the same shine in his face which I had seen as a young boy.'

'It is 7.45am I am sitting in Advaita Garden. On the veranda children are reciting poems ever so loudly. Behind the desk in front of me is an old women who has come to me to ask for textbooks for her son who is studying in a private school. I promised her that I would surely get the books for her son. Last year her husband died of cancer. She came to me one day to ask for bus fare to Jaipur where her husband was being treated. Later-on we even gave money for his funeral. Everyday as far as I remember for the last twenty years I have been giving money for text books, school fees, medical bills, marriages, funerals, food, clothes, etc, etc. and running around in govt offices, banks and courts to get someone's work done without asking anything in return and without worrying if someone has fooled me or not. And this I could only do when I was comfortable with money. I take this opportunity to thank my friends (names included in email) for ever being so generous and kind.'

'The children in the veranda are now very quiet. Anita is telling them a story. I should now get up now and go to the other classes.'

Nirvana Bodhisattva 
Nirvanavan Foundation 

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