Monday, July 6, 2009

Modern Dancers, Havana, Cuba, 2008

There is a spot on the beach that these young men gather every week. We step out of the taxi and begin walking in this direction. When we arrive, they seem to be expecting us. Only six or so men are around at this time of the day, still a bit early for the rest.

We speak to them for a minute and come to learn that they are modern dancers belonging to a famous dance troupe performing in the city. They are comfortable in front of the camera and offer right away to make portraits. We put the tripod legs down into the sand and begin our work.

They tell us of their lives in Habana and of their distinction as the gay minority inside the dance company. This so happens to be an area of the beach for gay men to meet, to provide a community of support and to show their solidarity.

We make their portraits, walk over to a stand for something to drink and then catch a taxi back to the city. The sun is marvelous and the hope for glorious portraits is fulfilled this morning.

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