Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girl, Rain, Church, MACODEF, 2007

We arrive at the church just in time for the rains. For the next hour, the skies unleash a storm on the tin roof of this structure, producing a noise that drowns any possibility of a conversation between even the closest in the building. We just sit and look at each other, hoping that the rains will end soon. She holds onto her sister, both of them sitting to my left. She is the calmest of children, transferring that calm to her scared, younger sister. Her face is that of peace and kindness. Everyone wants the rain to end. In an hour it does. We step outside and gather ourselves, with me looking for the source of the light and a suitable background immediately. The spot is just outside of the door, next to some tall grass. The tripod is positioned low so as to allow the sky as a canvas for the subjects. With the film used, this means that the background just disappears during the exposure. She stands straight, looking toward the sun behind a thin layer of clouds, with her head up high, as calm now as she was inside the church. We make about ten exposures, this is the third one from the last exposure, her expression is unchanged between all ten. For her portrait as well as others associated with MACODEF, you may follow the links below:

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