Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Graduate, MACODEF, Kenya, 2007

He stands in front of his family's home, proud to have visitors from the foundation. We are taken to this young man's house to photograph him and his father because he has accomplished exceptional grades in school. Under the guidance of the foundation, he has excelled and nears the possibility of going further in his studies. As explained to me, the two variables holding him back are funding for a uniform and funding for books. The foundation is prepared to help with his tuition. 

He shares with us a list of items that need to be purchased in order for him to advance, a list that many in other parts of the world take for granted. He shows us inside the home, a most traditional structure. It consists of one room with another acting as a preparation area. His entire family sleeps in this one room, a family of at least six as my memory begins to fail me as of this entry.

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