Thursday, July 9, 2009

A farmer and a tree, Rural, Cuba, 2008

So we continue on the road east and run across a group of farmers. They allow us a conversation and we ask for their portraits. They agree without question and give us a few minutes from their day. He stands on a small block of concrete to allow me an angle with the sky as a background. He has worked on this land for his entire life, continues to do so without hesitation. After his portrait, he calls for his sons and we make their portraits also. We say our goodbyes and promise to return the following year with his portrait. That promise will be kept even when the attempt to return proves difficult. His name and the name of his friends are noted along with their addresses. Then we come across a tree, one that all three of us want to photograph. We have different cameras and want to compare our interpretations the following year. We each make our exposures and then switch cameras with each other. We will meet next year and see. We get back into the car and head back to Havana, Cuba.

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