Monday, July 2, 2012

Magdalena, Side of Grocery Store, Near Los Angeles, California, Fall, 2010

In my short time with Magdalena, she provided me with a lifetime of images. We collaborated on three occasions during my time in California, twice on one day due mainly to her willingness to be a part of something greater than the both of us.

For this session we found a light-colored wall on the side of a grocery store. The parking lot adjacent was empty, while the grocery store itself was pretty busy. Magdalena was accompanied by her close friend, and with an extensive wardrobe made up mostly of various objects and materials. It is this creativity and willingness to shed norms that allowed us such freedom regarding our collaboration.

Rather than posing, Magdalena would dance. Instead of choosing one emotion, she would move from one to another and tell a story through a series of still images. The images above are such an example, three images from one roll of film consisting of twelve images in total. These are the three chosen to be printed in the darkroom, while others were certainly worthy of printing as well.

The sun was high by this time, yet her features enabled us to continue with our photography. After this session we decided to move to another location and continue with our photography in the afternoon. We drove almost two hours to another location, met with another model, and collaborated on top of a small mountain. The wind was almost unforgiving yet she danced once again.

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