Monday, June 15, 2009

Kenya, Maasai Man, 2007

So here we were, with a day off from our photography with the Maragoli Community Development Organization, driving around Western Kenya. My good friend and trusted driver, NgaNga, advised me that we could perhaps approach a few of the Maasai that happened to work near his home. He did so with a little skepticism oddly enough because his dealings with them had been limited up until now. With a clue in advance, we were led to a landlord who happened to employ a young Maasai man as a security guard, a common practice in this area. We met young Jonathan at this man's home and he agreed to introduce us to some of his friends. The landlord was kind enough to allow Jonathan to come with us. So here we were, driving along with me in the back and Jonathan in the passenger seat giving NgaNga directions to his friends' places. We managed to gather a dozen or so men and had a wonderful session as a result. These images are the product of that session. The prints from these sessions are for sale and will benefit the Maragolo Community Development Organization, as well as the local Maasai that are the subjects of these images.

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