Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Humana People to People India, Boys, 2008

All the girls' schools are meeting under a tent, spending a day together sharing their experiences with the good people of Humana People to People India. They are playing games and singing songs, performing traditional dances and enjoying each others' company. Many portraits are made in between sets, while keeping a low profile so as to minimize any distraction. 

It is during one of these breaks from the photography that these boys come over to watch. 'Why not photograph them' they ask. My answer is to find a ledge and arrange them for their portraits. The girls continue with their songs while the boys compose themselves, all without a single word spoken, since all of the translators from Humana are busy with the day's activities. 

The owner of the home gives his permission for the portraits since his home has a wonderful space for the photography, with the necessary, sunlit white wall. Each boy walks over, stands next to me and then takes his place on the ledge. The sun is still pretty high and strong, testing their ability to remain calm for their portrait. The perform flawlessly and we get back to the tent to watch the girls dance. The boys have their time in front of the camera.

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