Friday, June 26, 2009

Islam, Dakar, Senegal, 2006

Everywhere we walk, two figures are represented on the walls of Dakar, both figures of Islam from the past.

The paintings and drawings have a remarkable likeness to each other. As we walk the streets of this city looking for faces of the present, this painting stays with us.

After stopping to photograph a few children with the permission of their father, we begin walking up the street and find this one painting on the door of a photographic studio. It happens to be the one we've been looking for over the past two weeks, just perfect.

We talk with the photographer for a bit and he invites us into his studio. He shows us around, shows us his studio and rightfully takes much pride in sharing his craft with us.

We exchange a portrait for some film and then ask his permission to photograph this painting. He quickly gives us his permission and we arrange to expose this portrait onto film. After which we pack our equipment, say our goodbyes and walk down the street in search of more faces.

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