Sunday, June 28, 2009

Church, MACODEF, Western Kenya, 2007

So the plane arrives in the early part of the day, Joyce is waiting to collect me and my luggage. She takes me to my room, gives me thirty minutes to put my things down, get my gear in order and get back to her in the car.

We start on our way to the first village, straight after twenty four hours of transportation from the States. The level of energy is high and sleep is way off in the distance of my memory. We arrive at a small church, it happens to be the one that Joyce attends weekly. This is our first assignment for MACODEF.

The congregation is waiting for us. We find a location on the side of the church, at the exit door. The church is on a hill, so much so that the subjects stand near the doorway while my location is nearly six feet below them down the hill. The angle suits the subjects and allows the sun to reflect upon their faces just perfectly. We photograph the entire congregation, perhaps around sixty this day.

After the photography, we walk into the church where the choir is preparing for a recital. We listen intently and they provide us with a sample of their repertoire, a wonderful end to this first half of the first day.

All prints from my time with MACODEF are for sale for the benefit of the subjects through my website.

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