Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When one thinks of prostitution?

When one thinks of prostitution, does one think of her?

When one hears of 10,000,000 prostitutes in one country, can one imagine her face?

When these images are made in 2007, she is a student in a Nirvanavan Foundation School.

The following year, she is forced into prostitution by a social system in place before her birth, before the time of her parents.

When asked about her, our dear brother Nirvana of the foundation has this to share with me. She has been sent to the big city, Mumbai, to one of the hundreds of brothels. She has returned for a period of time to the village. He has seen her and has seen a different person altogether. She lacks a smile, she lacks a voice, she lacks the personality that made the above images possible. She has been broken.

As with the lowest of the caste system, her spirit has been overwhelmed by a careless world.
This story can be repeated over and over again in the ten villages under the care of Nirvanavan Foundation. This young girl is the reason for the foundation's existence. Her younger sister is also presently attending classes. Our hope is that she is provided a different path than the one provided to her sister.

Should you like to learn more regarding her story as well as the story of her sisters, you may visit the websites below. For the purchase of her portraits as well as those of others, in order to place a portrait in your home and to help the subjects as well, my website is also included. The proceeds from the sale of these prints goes directly to Nirvanavan Foundation.

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