Monday, June 8, 2009

Humana People to People India, 2008

We are looking at a smile three years in the making. This young woman is associated with the Humana People to People movement in India. Up until last year, she attends a foundation school for girls in her village. She is married now and has begun her own family. When we arrive last year to make portraits of the girls' school, she is missing. She has graduated from her classes into a marriage at a young age. Nonetheless, she joins us for a wonderful afternoon of photography and produces this smile for us. 

 'And as always in the question of development it is about promoting and preventing. Preventing the dehumanising of society, of institutions and of you and me. Promoting the humanization of mankind, the only art form that contains the seeds to the flowers of happiness for all. From black-white to all colours at random. From the struggle for liberation to the struggle for development.' 

From the charter of Humana People to People


  1. Hi there...
    And who would you be, having been making pictures for Humana People to People?...

  2. A friend of Humana People to People India for the past three years, my name is Halim. Would you perhaps like to offer your name and further clarification.

    Thank you for the interest,


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