Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Girls, MACODEF, Western Kenya, 2007

When we arrive at this school, the clouds are gathering. We wait for the sun to shine but wait in vain. During the first hour, it rains. We wait for the rain to stop, it finally does. We walk to a spot in the field and made group portraits. All the children wait their turns patiently and arrang themselves in groups of friends. What amazes me most is their willingness to show their love for each other in view of the adults, in view of strangers.

This school is in Western Kenya, near Kisumu. The foundation that makes my photography possible is named MACODEF (Maragoli Community Development Foundation). The foundation operates in this region and in this school, supporting the school as well as numerous orphans within. The spread of HIV/AIDS in this region is a major contributor to the increase in the number of orphans.

While the foundation is international in terms of participants, the local board of governors is directly responsible for the relationship between the foundation and the villages, for the creation of certain projects and for the implementation of these projects.

It is with hope that my work with this wonderful foundation continues. For the benefit of these good people, my work is available for sale. You may visit my website listed below for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful movement.

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