Saturday, June 13, 2009

Milly Essendi, MACODEF, Western Kenya, 2007

'Within a twinkle of an eyelid Milly Essendi the once quiet girl of her father had run out of her mind. She was collecting papers, shouting and tearing off her clothes. All the people termed it as witchcraft. The good counsellors at St Brians intervened and the child received medical care after 2 years. The girl recovered but no school could take her. That is when she landed at St Brians. She is 13 years yet she is still in primary 5. Her parents are ignorant peasants who survive on land.Milly has to go without meals at times. ' 

The above was prepared by Pastor Keya, along with the letter sent to me since my visit to Kenya two years ago. Good evening Sir, We do hope that you maintain your normal health. As per me I have been down with malaria and am just from recovering. The overjoyed family of St. Brians Educational Center ran here and there quite excited at getting one visitor that they could not easily comprehend from whence he came. 

The ladies accompanying the gentleman were well known as they had on many occasions assisted the school. The manager with a springy gait in his walking style walked alongside the guests. It took all the energy of all the teachers to bring the children to order and instill enough quiet to announce the purpose of the visit. 'Photo taking sessions, photo taking sessions', all the children echoed what the manager had told them. Each and every child wanted her photo taken. 

If teachers were not there to keep law and order, then most probably we would have repeated a few children several times. It took us to almost 19:30 hrs to complete the exercise. That was the time when Halim Ina visited us. Since then, the children adore and love him. They expect through him, they will have a better school and learning facility.  

Pastor Meshack Bwoyele Keya 
St. Brian's Educational Center Near Kisumu, Kenya

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