Thursday, December 10, 2020

Hayla + El Campo, La Habana, Cuba, 2018

In the summertime, I would be visiting EGOS and speaking with the various models under the tutelage of the magnificent professor Gysleda Virginia De La Barca Vega. One such person two years ago was this wonderful young woman, Hayla Fariñas.

We met in the school two years ago and immediately set up a session along with another model. We had two choices, and decided to go to the countryside before the beach because it was an easier start to our photography. 

As we drove around in Idiovel's car, we ran across this small shack which was a fruit stand later in the morning. I was familiar with the shop's owner from past visits and knew that he would be more than ok with our presence.

The young women went ahead and made great use of the space, as well as some of the fruits and vegetables remaining from the previous day. That was the case with this frame, and what a spontaneous image it was!

EGOS is back in session now, and I can only imagine the energy in the school as Profe Gysleda does her thing!

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