Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Billy + Notebook, La Habana, Cuba, 2005

I write this post in English because Billy is an English teacher in Cuba, as well as my first Spanish teacher on the island. Your comment on the previous post affected me sincerely, like all of your communication regarding our past. You have a way with words which I admire very much, truly.

Without you the early work would have been impossible. The memories of us walking the streets and striking up conversations are very special to me. It was spontaneous, we never knew the people we would meet on our way, and the photographs we would make. 

Here you are in this image, speaking with the people and writing down the names of the ones photographed. Every single one of these notebooks is still with me, perhaps next time I will bring them and we can visit the families from so long ago. Cuba has certainly changed, but as you know the people have fond memories of our visits.

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