Monday, December 7, 2020

Farmer + Sugar Cane, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2020

This print was made in the darkroom last month, from a negative exposed during my quarantine in India. While my flight home was cancelled and an additional six weeks were spent in the village, those weeks were spent with an incredible family and with my own room. The meals were made with love, and minus the chili thanks to my friend's family!

So much was different in India this year, including the weather. It rained more than it ever had in my travels to this country, and the skies at times turned almost black. This negative was exposed as we drove around the area looking for a group of sugarcane workers. They allowed me to walk between them and make images at the same time.

Having these negatives, made handheld with a 35mm point-and-shoot, means the world to me even more now.

Note: This negative was exposed with a Leica CM, printed onto Ilford Warmtone Fiber Base Paper and toned with Selenium.

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