Sunday, December 6, 2020

Thread + Needle, Small Village, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2018

Since COVID-19 forced us to close the schools, we continue to speak with the communities. The government has reopened many of the local business as well as the religious madrasas, but has continued to be more careful with the elementary schools. We are waiting for permission to reopen and will do so under the guidelines of the government.

This young girl is holding her Koran tightly, while facing the setting sun. She has been photographed by me since 2015 and lives in a tiny village within the beautiful state of Uttar Pradesh. In the other two frames a needle placed in thread is being held by the hands of one sewing student. 

While these young women love to be photographed, it is such a different experience for them. So when asked to hold the thread, she did it so tightly that the tips of her fingers turned white from the pressure. I then walked over to her and helped ease both her grip and her nervousness. It's a privilege to connect in such a way with these young women, and to have their confidence. 

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