Friday, December 18, 2020

Cami + Dry Lake Bed, El Mirage, California, 2019

In light of the difficulties the young girl face in other parts of the world, an image of a dear friend Cami McCullough is shared. We made this image during the windiest day of my extensive experiences at this magical space. It was so windy that we were unable to hear each other speak, and so just used hand signals most of the time!

This image is being shown to demonstrate the possibilities in the midst of such difficulties. Rather than allowing the wind to get the best of her, Cami used it to her advantage. My hope is that the young girls in rural India, for example, will be able to overcome their more than considerable difficulties. In reality, my wish is that the communities in which they live can provide them with a level playing field, so that they can achieve their fullest potential!

Thank you Cami for sharing your strength with the young girls around the world... it does make a difference! 

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