Thursday, December 10, 2020

Cami + Air, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, California, 2019

This was my third time with Cami, and the windiest of our sessions in Southern California. The wind was blowing so hard that when we first opened our door the daily pass flew right out of the car. We knew then to hold onto everything tightly!

Rather than being intimidated, Cami did her best to make use of the wind. We could barely hear each other and communicated with hand signals at times. So there we were, at the mercy of the wind, and she persevered for the sake of the images. 

This is what amazes me about my dear friend. She accepts the reality in front of us and makes the best of it. In the end the images are that much more valuable, more memorable. 

Note: this frame was exposed with a Hasselblad V system. 

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