Saturday, November 28, 2020

Alejandra + El Mar, Santa Maria Del Mar, Cuba, 2018

 Sometimes a moment deserves color, as was the case in this instance. Alejandra's skin tones along with the dress color made me load a roll of color film into the Fuji GA645 and join her in the sea. These are the memories which pull on my heart to return, and which one day will be new memories to be made.

Alejandra is a wonderful person, and she accepts anyone as a partner in our collaboration. The sea is one of my favorite places to photograph, and this special camera was purchased specifically for this scenario. She had no hesitation in entering the sea with a formal dress, something I respected even more so as these images were being made.

We waited for calm moments between waves to make the image, and were rewarded with memorable image after memorable image. I have learned through my collaborations with the Cubans that patience is a virtue, and I will do my best until we meet again.

Note: Frame exposed with a Fuji GA645 onto color film stock.

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