Thursday, November 5, 2020

Young Syrian + Doorway, Near Zahle, Lebanon, 2019

Every time a negative goes under the light and the image is projected onto the paper, I'm thankful for last summer in Lebanon. While I was there for a month before my plans for the summer, complications upon arrival in Cuba forced me to change plans and head back to Lebanon... happenstance at its finest.

I was able to spend more than two months with my uncle and aunts, walked the streets of my mother's hometown every day, and visit the camps which gave birth to my work in my twenties. The children of the children were then photographed, a testimony to the relationships built back then.

This young girl lives in a familiar neighborhood, one which I visited twenty years ago. Her parents were children back then, and now it's her turn to be photographed, to share her story. Her connection to the camera was so remarkable that even looking down it was evident. This is the image chosen for the day. 

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