Saturday, September 19, 2015

Two Ballerinas + Photographer, Santa Maria del Mar, Summer of 2015

This past week I had a wonderful dinner with the president of my new employer, a truly enlightening affair. Instead of diving right into business, this incredible man displayed a level of interest in my photographic work which spoke volumes of his character.

We talked about the schools in India, the ballerinas in Cuba and how the two worlds can co-exist in this new collaboration. Instead of being worried about the time his new employee would be investing into this other world, he showed his complete support for these projects.

After my initial training in Denver this week, I am thinking this weekend of the girls in Cuba... of our time together at Santa Maria del Mar and of this tender moment, when we walked into the water for another photographic session. Even from behind one can sense the dedication these girls possess, the level of love they share with all of us through these images.

Note: This image was made by my friend Alejandro, on a Sony RX100M2.

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