Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two Ballerinas + Racquetball Court, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, 2015

This image showcases the word 'favorite' in many of its aspects, from the dancers to the location and to the country. It was made just a few weeks ago and features the most exquisite spirits from Cuba, and was exposed at our private studio, Las Canchas de Santa Maria del Mar.

Actually, the spot is one of eight racquetball courts arranged into a group just off of the beach. In the mornings however the spot is usually vacant, as we arrive just before sunrise.

The two young girls in this image had never met before last year, even though they attend the same school of dance in the city. As the story goes, we were searching for a younger dancer to compliment our veteran… in features and in spirit.

We had never anticipated such a collaboration, and one year later we continue to be amazed as to how they compliment each other perfectly. The older dancers loves the idea that she is the mentor to the younger, and the younger dancer enjoys being guided.

This image speaks to me personally, for it shows how the two have blossomed into genuine friends. They invite each other over to their birthday parties, which happen to occur during my time in Cuba every summer.

Note: This image was made with the Sony RX100M2.

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