Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Model + Paper Corset, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, 2015

Our last week in Cuba was spent working with a few groups, including a collaboration between two fashion designers and a school for modeling. We had worked before on many occasions with the school, yet wanted to include more formal designs from the artists of the island.

We spoke with two designers who usually stop by the school on Saturdays, and they promptly agreed to work with us... enthusiastically to our delight. This was our second session with the magnificent Rafael and his corsets made from paper. From a distance they look incredible, but up close one truly gets an appreciation for his skill.

This was also a chance for the models to improve their book, to work with the finest designers in the city. We could offer them not only the images, but the chance to present their own fantasies as well. This was our first time with this young woman, and she glittered for the lens just like her outfit.

Note: This image was made with an 8 year old Kodak point-and-shoot, loaned to me by a friend after my trusted Sony broke down on the island!

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