Friday, September 18, 2015

Modelo + Futbolista, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, 2015

This image was seven years in the making, and was made possible through my stay at this young man's home this summer. His younger sister is perhaps the most famous of the Cuban ballerinas in my work to many of you, and they share the same facial characteristics.

How could I have ever imagined almost seven years ago that I would be staying in their home for the summer? When I first photographed his sister in front of her dance school in Havana, none of us could have envisioned what has since happened between us... the images we have created as a team.

So this year, this young man decided that he would like to be included in the photography, and asked in the most humble of ways for such. We then visited our friend's school for models in the city to find a young woman with whom he may be photographed. He happened to select one of our friends, a happy coincidence for all.
We talked briefly about the session and then left it until after our return from our week in the countryside. He never lost faith in us, and waited patiently. When we returned, we went ahead and scheduled our session at our favorite spot, the racquetball courts at Santa Maria del Mar.

Of course we talked about the wardrobe, but had to say very little. They were both quite comfortable with each other, and presented their ideas openly and with calm demeanors. It was just perfect, and we had plenty of sun for the sunglasses as well!

Note: This image was made with an 8-year-old Kodak point-and-shoot digital camera... saved the day after my state-of-the-art Sony broke down with two weeks left on the island!

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