Friday, January 23, 2015

Student + Teacher, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2014

A tender moment between student and instructor was exposed during their performance this morning. Most are familiar with one of these two dancers, and would be surprised to learn that she was beyond shy this time around in front of someone she admires immensely. It was incredible for me to see as well, since she is anything but shy in front of the lens normally.

I was able to see an entirely different side to her, and was deeply moved by her honesty. She was like a little girl for once, giggling with joy at the thought of being photographed with her teacher, embracing the poses suggested with enthusiasm. At times she would move so slowly, as if she was enjoying every millisecond of it all.

When her teacher first displayed interest in being photographed, the pride that this young girl showed on her face was beyond measure. The teacher learned about my work through her student, and through her student she communicated this interest to us.

Tonight I am scanning the images from this session, and am reliving it all over again. This is the magic of photography, the gift of it.

Note: This image was made with a Hasselblad 555 ELD/180 mm combination, with natural light only and onto Fuji Neopan Acros 100 ISO film.

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