Monday, January 26, 2015

Vendor + Stand, Matanzas, Cuba, Summer of 2014

As we were driving back from Matanzas the road was empty, and we had very few options to do much of anything but drive straight back to La Habana. Earlier on our way to Matanzas plenty of opportunities presented themselves. Now however we were out of luck.

I then asked Alejandro to take the next right down a narrow road, and this was when our luck changed. To our right less than one minute from the main road this man was selling vegetables and fruits. I thought we could do two things at once, buy from him and also connect for the sake of the photography.

We ended up doing both, but before he put the plantains in our car we made this portrait with them hanging beautifully to his right. These were the very plantains that we ate for the next week.

After this image he pointed us in the right direction, and we found the most incredibly sublime girl just a few minutes later as she was crossing the street. Her story was told earlier in this timeline, but it will suffice to write that she will be followed just like the others in La Habana. We will return to her small village, both for her and for her neighbors… and it was this man that made it all possible.

The second image shows the two of us in front of Alejandro's car, only a few minutes after we met the vendor on the side of the road.

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