Thursday, January 1, 2015

Man + Baby, Rooftop, La Habana, Cuba, Summer of 2014

A portrait of youth is perhaps appropriate as the new year begins. This image was made as we were photographing a pair of familiar faces on the rooftop of their home. This young man was standing nearby and accepted my invitation to be photographed. All of a sudden he was carrying this baby and it all seemed so natural. They posed for four exposures, then he was photographed on his own.
Such is photography in Cuba, as people in general embrace the idea and even more importantly present their own creative thoughts. This makes long-term collaborations from chance meetings possible, as was the case with this image.
One day when visiting a young woman already involved in our work, a young girl was walking down the stairs and thanked me for stepping aside. I was taken back and asked about her to my friend's mother. She smiled and immediately knew which girl from the building she was, because of the physical description but even more so because of her manners.
A day or so later we received the good news that she had talked to her parents and that they agreed to allow us her portrait. This is the background to the image seen here, and the little girl's portrait will be shared soon.

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