Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guajiro + Tools, Matanzas, Cuba, Summer of 2014

In between photographing dancers on the beach and cars in the streets, Alejandro would take me to the countryside in search of the rural life. The results, often slow to develop, were deeply satisfying and made me regret that we waited for the last two weeks to do so.

This man was working with others to the side of the road, clearing the brush and small trees from a local farm. We asked the manager for permission, and she gave it to us without resistance. She even allowed us to make her portrait with a smile.

As I finished this man's portrait, he began to sharpen his blade, giving me a chance to make that image as well. The pace of photography in rural Cuba is different, more casual, and moves me to do much more this summer on the island. We hope to find him and his friends, and hand them these images.

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