Monday, January 26, 2015

La Jefe, Matanzas, Cuba, Summer of 2014

Here she stands for her portrait, the boss of the men working in the field. We needed her permission to photograph the workers, and she had such a presence about her… both authoritative and gentle. She was perhaps shocked to see such a photographer asking, yet was also more than receptive.

Her smile spoke volumes to me then, and even more so now. Nobody rushed us, we walked around the burnt field to photograph the men individually, one at a time with their permission as well of course.

One funny moment happened as we initially walked towards them. As I stepped out of the car and walked to the group on the field, I was so excited to speak with them that I walked without much notice to the ground beneath me.

Then in one instance my right foot and let fell into a hole almost one meter deep. Everyone, and especially Alejandro, were instantly concerned and ran over to help me get up since my camera and tripod were in both hands. Once they realized that I was fine, adrenaline being my best friend, all laughed making my job much easier truly.

So here she is, the woman responsible for the portraits made on that day. I look forward to catching up with her as Alejandro will help me to do, and to hand her this portrait.

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