Thursday, January 29, 2015

Model + Beach, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2014

Sitting here in this frozen city made me want to post something a bit warmer. What is almost unimaginable for me is that these images were made just last year, in a place worlds apart from here. Yet these images were made in the same time zone, less than four hours flight from this very spot!

Almost every other morning last summer we visited the beach with everyone from ballerinas to models to friends from years ago. We found it to be a place where we could work without hassle from the police, without restrictions from security guards. 

Here the people were free to create, to pose for the lens and to tell their stories without prying eyes… that is until families arrived a little after 8 or so in the morning. We would arrive before sunrise, set up our cameras and talk a bit before the first rays of sun hit our skin.

On this day she gifted us with her presence. We talked in advance regarding our approach, and she came prepared with clothing to contrast with her skin tone. In the beginning she was a bit shy, then she let go of herself once she felt comfortable enough with the lenst. These images are from the second half of our session. 

Wearing shorts and sitting down in the water alongside her was magical, felt like one with her. The beach has come to represent endless possibilities to me, just as it does to the Cubans.

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