Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ballerina + Tree, West of Havana, Cuba, 2015

The next few weeks will be spent scanning the negatives in order to print the photographs for the families in Cuba. These frames are from a scan earlier this afternoon, and are just three of 200 frames scanned today.

Last year it seemed to rain almost every single afternoon, and always on top of Havana. So one day we decided to drive west where it seemed clearer, albeit from our perspective as novice meteorologists.

So we drove west and the clouds began to disappear right about when the first big town appeared. We made a note of our discovery and were about to turn around when we saw a young girl in a ballet outfit. This happened just after I had asked Alejandro if there was a ballet school in the town. He looked at me in a funny way, then immediately had to take it back as this dancer crossed our view.

The idea of photographing ballerinas in the countryside has already been done, but ballerinas from the countryside was something new to us. We stopped to talk, arranged a meeting later in the week and had our first session soon after.

This series is from our first session together, and this young girl performed wonderfully for the lens. Another dancer came along as well and her performance was as magnificent. All in all it was an incredible session, one born through happenstance!

Note: This series was made with a Hasselblad 555 ELD/100 mm combination.

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