Sunday, May 29, 2016

Four Frames in the Life of a Brick Laborer, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2015

Can any of us imagine a lifetime rather than four frames? Thousands of miles away from our homes? Our children being forced to come along and live in single rooms made from these very bricks?

Can we estimate how many times he has walked the path between the wall of bricks and the ones laid down on the ground beneath his feet? Does he get to eat three times a day, or perhaps once and only when food is available?

What does the family do after the sun sets? How and where do the children sleep? Is it a thin sheet separating them from the hard floor? What prevents them from being bitten all night long by the mosquitos raised in the water necessary for the making of the bricks?

Today, questions and only questions for the answers are lacking.

Note: These frames were exposed using a Fuji GA645i.

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