Sunday, May 15, 2016

La Profesora + Las Canchas, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, 2015

When we work with this magnificent woman the inspiration flows both ways. She knows what to do without exchanging words, the camera is there to document her movements rather than direct.

While we had photographed many of her models before, we had yet to have our own session. Thanks to the brilliance of Diz Pe Adrian Arturo, we reserved a morning towards the end of our summer last year just for her.

The experience was, to write the least, most enlightening. Her movements and expressions were of course magnificent. It was however the way in which she went about presenting herself that impressed me the most. She spoke very little, smiled often and always nodded when asked to do something specific.

Here she was, the highest in her trade in one of the most incredible cities, yet she maintained an immense sense of humility. She taught me a lot on that afternoon, and I for one look forward to more lessons in two months!

Note; This image was made with a decade old Kodak digital camera, when our trusted and newer Sony gave out. Even though the images on the camera's screen were almost impossible to see during our session, they turned out better than expected for sure! I must give it to Kodak for making something which lasted in the digital age!

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