Sunday, January 22, 2017

Migrant Child, Delhi, India, 2016

A few years ago this young girl and her community were introduced to me through Humana India. They moved to this part of the country in search of a better life, yet live in unimaginable filth and squalor. Their homes are made of fabric, and they lack running water. The people use the area behind the alley for a bathroom, and cook their children's food right in front of their homes, facing the garbage and passing traffic

Humana India has done a wonderful job for the community, and is involved in a major community project. They have built a shelter in the midst of the population for those unable to find a place to sleep, and help the community with work training as well as the paperwork necessary for migrants to attain their rights as citizens of a new region. The children attend classes just like the adults do, and are under the care of motivated individuals from the foundation.

My dear brother Jayanta has dedicated himself to this work, and does so with humility and respect. Though the funding for his project is in question year after year, he finds motivation to continue regardless. I have the highest respect for this incredible man, and hope to see him next month under that freeway.


Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.