Monday, January 13, 2020

Syrian + Camp, Near Zahle, Lebanon, 2019

After the red eye last month from LA to DC, and the drive to CLE, it feels divine to have the processed film from this summer in Lebanon... thank you David and Dodge-Chrome, Inc. for the beautiful negatives!

Note: This is the view of the negative through a loupe, made with an iPhone.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sand Dunes, Southern California, December, 2019

The film has been processed and soon the film images will be shared. Until then here is an image made with an iPhone out of all tools. The light and shadows created by the texture of the sand dunes brought me to this spot at least six times during my stay in Los Angeles. Far from the noise of the city, this landscape really allowed me to take a break from portraiture and enjoy the landscapes for once.

Radhika + Students, Sewing Class, Rajasthan, India, 2019

Who’s up to making a real difference in a rural village? Who’s interested in helping 10 women learn a trade to support their families?

6 people x $25 = 1 center

This monthly amount pays the teacher’s salary and supplies the fabric as well. Here's an image from teacher Radhika from this morning's session. They were working on their own clothing, as well as uniforms for their younger sisters!

Kendaya y Lisandra, El Campo, Cuba, 2018

El próximo verano en Cuba ya está en mi mente, así como mi familia fotográfica en la isla. Todos ustedes pueden depender de mi deseo de estar allí, y espero estar allí junto con mi película. Esta imagen fue del viaje del año pasado al campo con dos queridos amigos, y fue posible gracias a la increíble Gysleda Virginia De La Barca Vega.

Gracias a Kendaya Anwar y Lisandra Betancourt!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Best Friends + School, Rajasthan, India, 2019

These young girls used to attend class in the school which we support, and are now attending government school. This accomplishment was made possible through the hard work of teacher Pooja, and the support of the villagers. Now their younger sisters attend this school, and as long as they do we will continue to support. The look of familiarity on their faces speaks volumes! 

Sand Dunes, Imperial Sand Dunes, California, 2019

Looking forward to a few more weeks in Southern California next year as well, and its sand dunes!

Note: negative exposed with a Hasselblad 501CM/100 mm lens combination... scanned roughly for review here. 

Syrian Girl + Camp, Near Zahle, Lebanon, 2019

This past summer in Lebanon was a special one for me. While my usual trip to Cuba was derailed thanks to customs officials on the island, the resulting two months in Cuba allowed me to revisit my work in my homeland. Thanks to help from various friends within the Syrian community, I was allowed to visit more than twelve camps and meet some of the most incredible children in the world. The expressions on their faces, and the faces themselves, took me by surprise. Here is one such expression, and face!

Next week the film will be finished processing, and I look forward to seeing her images and those of her friends!


El verano pasado en el Líbano fue especial para mí. Si bien mi viaje habitual a Cuba se descarriló gracias a los oficiales de aduanas de la isla, las resultas en Cuba me permitieron volver a visitar mi trabajo en mi tierra natal. Gracias a la ayuda de varios amigos de la comunidad siria, se me permitió visitar más de doce campamentos y conocer a algunos de los niños más increíbles del mundo. Las expresiones en sus rostros, y los rostros mismos, me tomaron por sorpresa. Aquí hay una de esas expresiones, y cara!

La próxima semana el laboratorio va a terminar de procesarse los rollos, y espero ver sus imágenes y las de sus amigas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Students + Teacher, Sewing Center, Rajasthan, India, 2019

For those of us interested in supporting this school, and for those of us already on board, here is a portrait of the students from earlier today. More than a dozen years ago I was introduced to this village thanks to Humana India. This house back then was home to a school for girls, and the older girls from this village were the students. The school for girls continues to this day with private support, and girls continue to attend classes daily. It's a magical space!

Para aquellos de nosotros interesados en apoyar a esta escuela, y para aquellos de nosotros que ya estamos, aquí hay un retrato de las estudiantes de hoy. Hace más de una docena de años, me presentaron a este pueblo gracias a Humana India. Esta casa en ese entonces era el hogar de una escuela para niñas, y las niñas mayores eran las estudiantes. La escuela para niñas continúa hasta el día de hoy con apoyo privado, y las niñas continúan asistiendo a clases diariamente. ¡Es un espacio mágico!

Syrian Refugee + Window, Near Zahle, Lebanon, 2019

The processing of this summer's film is almost finished, and I cannot wait to see the negatives. Thanks to the trust of the Syrian community, my hope is that poignant portraits of their children have been made and that these can provide a greater sense of understanding between all in Lebanon.

Note: This image was made with a Fuji X-T3.

Cami + Abandoned Building, Southern California, 2017

A few years ago Cami McCullough came into my life through dance and photography. We collaborated at a dry lake initially, then expanded to the surrounding landscape. We found this burnt structure and made it our home, bringing others to this very spot in the years to come. Before my trip to Lebanon this summer I was honored to be her photographer once again near this very spot, and over Thanksgiving her selections from our last collaboration will be scanned!

PS Image made with a Hasselblad 501 CM/180 mm lens, onto Kodak Tri-X film.