Monday, June 6, 2016

Daughter of Neighbor, Guanabacoa, Cuba, 2015

What is so amazing about the island is that everywhere one looks one will find undeniable beauty. Whether this takes the form of a timeless car, the cracked walls of a home in the city or children playing baseball in the streets, it is undeniable.

So when we returned to Alejandro's home one day it was of little surprise that this young girl came running by chasing Alejandro's son. Her eyes were full of life as she played with her cousins in the yard.

I asked Alejandro about her mother and we walked next door to ask for her permission. She was sincerely excited, as was her daughter. She knew of my work on the island and wanted her family to be included.

Just as we were speaking it so happened that the sun broke through the clouds. The setting, Alejandro's front yard, was perfect. We used the space under the mango tree, as the sun was setting. She was so excited to be photographed, as she suddenly got really quiet and stepped in front of the lens.

While she spoke few words, she spoke volumes with her expressions. She never appeared the same on two frames, we exposed a few rolls and the sun began to disappear behind the clouds. Her mother was so proud of her, as was the rest of her family.

I look forward to handing this portrait to her, along with a few dozen more, and to seeing her smile when she sees herself on paper.

Note: This image was made with a Hass