Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dancer + Buick, Guanabacoa, Cuba, 2015

Just this past week I received a comment from this exquisite, young woman which took my breath away. It was like receiving a present and admiring it so much even before unwrapping it. My eyes hung on every word, and were almost unable to move onto the next. From her home on the island she sent this message, which I share with all of you here:

"Es hermoso ver como las personas crecen y se desarrollan frente a las cámaras y estoy muy orgullosa de haber trabajado con este magnifico fotógrafo que siempre saca las mejores fotos mías y mis mejores ángulos te doy las gracias a ti y espero que sigas haciendo este trabajo que tanto te gusta y que sigas adelante como siempre dando lo mejor de ti."

"It's beautiful to see how people grow and develop before the cameras and I am very proud to have worked with this wonderful photographer who always brings out the best pictures of me and my best angles. I thank you and hope you keep doing this work that you like and you continue along as always giving your best."

This is from a young woman who first came into my life when she was barely 7 years old. She has grown over the years into the most intelligent, passionate and dedicated dancers with whom I have had the honor of working. If she was the only dancer on the island for me to photograph, the tickets would still be purchased.

Here she is as we stopped to pick up some items from across the railroad tracks. We asked for a shovel and she went about her language of dance while incorporating it into this series. Working with her is seamless, and as satisfying of an experience as a photographer.

Note: This series was made with a Hasselblad V System onto Kodak TMX film.

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