Friday, August 23, 2013

Halim Ina, Global Community Portraits, Cleveland Print Room, Humana People to People India, July 12, 2013

This set is an example of the images hanging at the Cleveland Print Room presently, and scheduled to come down this week. Through these images we hope to raise awareness and funding for five schools for girls in association with Humana People to People India. The Cleveland Print Room has been kind enough to provide for the exhibition and offer their space entirely without reimbursement, showing their dedication to both the craft and to our sisters in Rajasthan at the same time.

The vision of the team at the CPR has motivated me deeply and provided me with the impetus to further help this relationship flourish. These are the people with whom I want to be associated, with whom my work needs to be associated. They see beyond themselves and as such see the people within my photography with the clearest of clarity and the purest of love.

I am thankful to have had this opportunity and look forward to much more with the good people at the Cleveland Print Room.

Man, Village near Gaziantep, Turkey

While protests were in full stride within the city proper, this man and his community went about tending to their farms. On this day we arrived in his village by chance, having picked up a man on the side of the street whose inquiry led us to visit his neighborhood. We were walking back to the van when a young man invited us to photograph his grandfather. We were pleasantly surprised when this graceful man and his hands stepped out of the doorway. A seat was provided for him, and with his permission we began to make his portrait. After the formal headshot was made, he allowed me to also photograph his hands. Without being asked he placed his hands in perfect harmony in his lap, surrounded by the lush fabric that happened to be his clothing.

Unframed $450 (each)
Framed $600 (each)
Smaller Prints Available
Sold Together Unframed $650 & Framed $800
100% of proceeds going to Schools for Girls in association with
Humana People to People India

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