Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halim Ina, Global Community Portraits, Cleveland Print Room, Humana People to People India, July 12, 2013

Today the frames came down and are now in my home, time to reflect on six weeks at the Cleveland Print Room. The feedback regarding the images as well as the collaboration with Humana People to People India was exhilarating. Here we have a space where people can get together and discuss analog photography, appreciate the image on paper rather than on a screen. All of this while supporting the education of girls thousands of miles away.

Three schools for girls have been funded through this exhibition, and now over one hundred girls will learn how to read and to write for an entire year. In two months I will visit these schools and document the very faces benefiting from this support. During this exhibit, people from all walks of life showed their connection to the girls. Some purchased the larger prints on the walls, some purchased smaller prints on the table and others donated without asking for a print in return.

I look forward to my visit in two months and to returning with stories to share with the Cleveland Print Room and all those involved in this most successful, recent endeavor. Many more are to come I believe.

Young Boy, Feather, Arbore Community, Ethiopia

My last day in the Lower Omo Valley was spent with this young boy and his community. We arrived early in the afternoon and decided to wait for the sun to set a little bit more. The children sat in the shade of a tree while I walked around and photographed the homes and landscape. When the moment was right we organized the boys first for their portraits, giving the girls a chance to adjust. The boys were of course more than ready, with paint on their faces and feathers to show to the tourists. Each stood for their portrait, was serious at first then turned comical before stepping down for his friends.

Unframed $250
Framed $400
Smaller Prints Available
100% of proceeds going to Schools for Girls in association with
Humana People to People India
Halim Ina Photography

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