Sunday, August 25, 2013

Halim Ina, Global Community Portraits, Cleveland Print Room, Humana People to People India, July 12, 2013

Within a few days the images will come down at the Cleveland Print Room, yet the collaboration will continue on behalf of the girls of Humana People to People India. The image below is from my first year, and was thought of at the time of exposure as an attempt to cheer the crowd in light of the setting sun.

I look back now and am grateful for the chance on that late afternoon to photograph this young woman and her fellow students. In less than two months I will have the chance to visit once again this village and hope that she will once again be available for her portrait, seven years after this first one was made.

Should her image or her story be of interest to the readers of this blog, I will be more than happy to have a conversation on her behalf and can be reached through the links below.

Student, Girls Bridge School, Rajasthan, India

This was our first meeting and it took place as the sun set behind the mountains. We arrived and were taken to the roof of the school supported by Humana People to People India. The sun was setting quickly and we made the best of it by moving a bench to the far corner of the roof where the remnants of light happened to be. With the help of the women, the girls sat down one by one for their portraits. They had only a minute to absorb the chaotic situation yet were able to present themselves so naturally. The girls in this village have an incredible confidence, and she is one example. She looks through the lens rather than at it, and this affected me deeply at the moment of exposure. Since this portrait she has grown up, married and started her own family. Our hope is that her children will have the chance at an education that she experienced so briefly in her young life.

Unframed $250
Framed $400
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100% of proceeds going to Schools for Girls in association with
Humana People to People India

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