Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Women, Nirvanavan Foundation, 2007

The above women see much each day, they see their daughters being raised to become prostitutes, they watch their sons learning the trade of pimping, they see their husbands making sure that their present cultural path is different than their past one, they see their lives shaped by the trade of sex, nothing else. They belong to the Nat and Kanjar Communities.

In front of each village, they sit in clear view of the men passing by in their cars, on their bicycles or perhaps even on their feet. They present themselves during all times of the day, with their faces painted and their expressions suited for the task at hand.

The above women also see something new, schools in their villages sponsored by the good people of Nirvanavan Foundation. The teachers come from other villages, giving their children exposure to strangers looking for something else from their villages, looking only to provide an education for their children in exchange for a decent, honest living.

These women have lived the life of prostitutes, have been raised under the domination of the men, yet find within themselves the strength and courage to support the schools, to encourage their children to attend classes and to convince the men to allow all of this to occur in the middle of their villages.

Perhaps they can find their way to their previous culture, to a time when they used to be the entertainers to everyone from royalty to everyday folks. Perhaps they can remember their past with dignity while looking for a future that has more in common with their past than with their present.

Such is the hope of the foundation. All prints are for sale through my website and will benefit the subjects in the photographs. Tax deductions can be attained also through a donation made to Nirvanavan Foundation through O.W.C.F., with all three websites listed below for your convenience.


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