Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Physically Challenged, MACODEF, 2007

In the middle of the day we arrive at the school. It is a beautiful complex, peaceful and full of dedicated individuals. It seems however that they are unaware of our purpose on this day. We spend the first hour speaking to the principal, a nun and a priest, all of whom show us total respect and courtesy. After showing them the images and recording their stories, we proceed to the courtyard for the photography.

By this time, the ideal lighting has passed. We decide to arrange the children under a tree with a wall as a backdrop. The children are brought ever so gently by the staff to a position in front of the camera. Many of the children shine in front of the lens and impress everyone around them. A few of the children find it difficult to do so, with the staff helping them find their confidence with such kindness.

These images are presented here and on my website for two purposes, to get the message out regarding MACODEF and in order to raise funding for the very subjects of these portraits. Should one wish to be involved, they may do so in many ways, one of which is the purchase of a print. More images and information can be gathered below.