Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Collaboration: Nirvanavan Foundation and Humana People to People India

Collaboration: Nirvanavan Foundation and Humana People to People from Halim Ina on Vimeo.

Working with two foundations, these portraits are made. Through Humana People to People India, my relationship with Nirvanavan Foundation is possible. The people in this short documentary are from the Banjara Community and from traditional, rural Indian villages in the state of Rajasthan.

The portraits with the temple in the background represent the children of the Banjara Community. The parents of these children have given their permission to include their children in a new Humana school. This is their first time in front of my camera.

The children with the sky as a background live in rural India, like the majority of Indians. Their village is one of over 650,000 villages that dot the landscape of this land. Their parents have also allowed them access to an education through a Humana school. These are working girls and are provided an education for a few hours per day, time they take away from their daily workload.

The voices in the backgrounds, other than mine in English, are those of the hard-working people of both foundations. It is their support that allows this work to flourish. The video camera is set up to the left of the subjects while the still camera is arranged in varying positions.

You may see some of the portraits at my website and visit the work of the foundations as well below:

All portraits are for sale and will directly benefit the subjects of the photographs. My hope is for others to become involved.