Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Young Girl + Window, Village near Manzanillo, Cuba, 2016

This past year we were fortunate enough to have visited a new village, thanks in great part to a connection from last year. Once again we drove to the eastern portion of Cuba to photograph a single girl, and this led to a village nearby.

As we walked making photographs of the homes, I noticed a young girl playing in front of one in the distant. Alejandro and the others were far behind me, so I decided to continue walking without making contact. Soon after Alejandro caught up with me and told me that her parents wanted me to photograph her. Nothing could have been more perfect!

We asked to photograph her in the window frame of the home, and they allowed us to do so. She was a natural in front of the lens, and the support of her parents impressed me sincerely. The sun came and went, and we did what we could with the light.

The next day when we stopped once again by the village, and she found us in the street and came running to say hello. A new star for our photography has been born, and we will include her every year from this point forward.

In the end, we made some wonderful contacts in the village, and now have an incredible lead for next summer. While La Habana will always be our home, it is now a base for extending our photography to the countryside. I for one cannot wait for next summer!


Note: This image was made by Alejandro Godinez Ramos as the young girl was looking my way for her formal portrait. Hopefully this expression was also recorded with film.

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