Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two Students, Village near Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2016

These two boys stand to benefit from the school being proposed here. Like so many boys in my work from around the world, they are a mix of naughty and innocent, making for wonderful snapshots truly!

We look forward to establishing a model school in their village, one which will then gain traction in village after village like a virus with a noble purpose. What makes this incredibly important to me is that the community presented this idea to us, rather than the other way around.

Although we only have the view in the direction behind them, rest assured that the entire region looks as beautiful. Fields of wheat extend into the horizon in every direction, up to the shores of the magnificent Yamuna River... where "Krishna and the Gopis also used to play on the banks of the Yamuna as children" like these two very boys.

With your collective help we will establish annual funding for this school, and I will visit in four months to bring the good news to these two boys, and the elders in the previous post.

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.

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